Our History:

GLOBAL opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Seattle, Washington in 1986. Since its inception, GLOBAL has been selective in locations with strategic niches with our client partners. We take pride in valuing our employees. Our employees take pride in our company and their professionalism is the cornerstone offering to our clientele.


Who we are:


What sets us apart:

  • Our niche business is the Pacific Northwest (PNW) gateway – we deliver unparalleled service for shipments moving inbound from Asia through the PNW to the Midwest and East Coast.
  • We save our Upper Midwest customers on average 10 days over the typical LAX modal by routing their cargo through the PNW and utilizing daily trains
  • We give our customers a First-to-Market advantage over their competitors
  • We utilize our own assets and manage premier carriers to ensure On Time Delivery – 99% of our customer’s shipments are delivered on the requested day
  • We value our employees and strive to promote dedicated and experienced team members who provide our customers exceptional service
  • We focus on building long term partnerships with our customers and average 87% customer retention in the last two decades


Why you should do business with us:

  • We realize every company is different. We spend the time to understand your business so that we can design the best possible solutions to meet your specific business needs
  • Our experience helps us proactively identify and avoid possible issues. However, if things go haywire, we rise to the challenge to solve even the most complex problems
  • We provide you value by moving your cargo quickly and utilizing our full range of experienced professionals
  • Our network of creative team members gives you more options for maximum saving opportunities while providing you visibility and control of your supply chain
  • We provide you with key KPIs and business intelligence to help you make smart decisions for your supply chain
  • Our company culture cultivates and encourages continued education for both our employees and our customers. We can provide your team with personalized training and consultations to enhance your suuply chain, C-TPAT validation, and customs compliance


Our Affiliations

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