As many of our clients have cargo to/from Puerto Rico utilizing our sister company, Caribbean Shipping Services (CSS), we wanted to give you an update on how our operations and staff faired after Hurricane Maria. The great news is all of our CSS staff are safe. We are very proud of our staff who are dealing with their own personal matters from the devastation of the hurricanes, while volunteering in relief efforts such as packing needed food relief for Puerto Rico as part of the Hunger Fight program. Vessels have begun calling San Juan, but on a limited basis. Even with the addition of foreign-flag containers ships calling Puerto Rico as the Jones Act temporarily waived, the container terminals remain the largest problem for the distribution of goods. With impassable roads, a lack of truckers, and many businesses closed, many of cargo and relief containers remain on dock. As such, Jacksonville is seeing a shortage of equipment availability as the empties are slow to come out of San Juan. We will keep you updated as the situation changes in Puerto Rico.

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