There was a meeting today to discuss the issues around Santa Teresa Port of Entry led by the Acting Port Director, Fernando Tome.

The current status is that Santa Teresa has one commercial cargo lane open, and two passenger lanes.  There are some concerns of shut down.  Should that occur, notifications will be sent immediately.

Santa Teresa had to release many of its officers to assist Border Patrol with other border crossing locations, and at this point APD does not see any way to have more officers at the cargo facilities without risking the safety of the other posts of the port. In other words, he cannot move officers from the passenger lanes, or the gates to cover cargo facilities.

Compounding factors:

  • CBP officers have been diverted to points of immigration concern in Arizona and California late last year
  • If any concerns of illegal immigration, the CBP officer must leave their post to process individuals.  This processing does and can include medical attention and any other basic needs
  • No local or state law enforcement can intervene unless the situation escalates to violence or other security issue
  • The National Guard is not and will not be able to assist
  • Personal border crossing is not able to be re-routed to Tornillo as both CBP and Mexico’s Administrador de Aduanas informed that they have not been able to organize constituents this way
  • Maquiladoras are reaching critical stages of potential line shut downs due to the delays of raw material southbound as well as also finished products being exported are also being delayed.

The US government is working on contract labor for data entry so that CBP officials can focus on essential duties at field posts.  El Paso’s Port Director, Beverly Good will also be holding a trade meeting next week.  We will send an update after this discussion as well.  We don’t have any answers as to when the border will see relief but did want to send advice to please prepare for these delays as you plan your supply chain lead times on an interim basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your logistics person at Global Transportation.

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