Integrated logistics solutions for large-scale, global logistics operations in the oil and energy, construction and manufacturing industries.


A selection of the infrastructure and energy activity GLOBAL is supporting globally, including:

  • Shipment of eleven (11) GE power plants to various construction sites in Turkey;
  • Transport of an automotive plant from Indiana to Turkey;
  • Transport of OBS Plant for the manufacture for wooden panels from Germany and Canada to Louisiana, incl. three (3) ship loads from Hamburg and 40 heavy lift truck movements from Canada incl a 108 metric ton piece;
  • Coordination of storage of four (4) General Electric power plants incl. 240 ton single lift generators, 137 ton steam turbines and related equipment for shipment to Petrobras Brasil;
  • Movement of generator by 747 cargo plane from Manaus/Brasil to Houston;
  • Movement of 7000 m3 Caterpillar heavy earthmoving equipment from Houston to Tanjong Bara/Indonesia – offloaded at destination onto barge and landed ashore by barge;
  • Execution of Al Saamra combined cycle power plant outside Amman/Jordan with approx. 10000 m3 to Aqaba/Jordan, incl. heavy lifts of 250 metric tons;
  • Shipment of 2000 m3 oil drill equipment from Venezuela to Dalian/China;
  • Movement of D11R Caterpillar units from Houston to Belem/Brasil;
  • Movements of cold boxes from California via Houston to Brasil, Vietnam, Malta, Spain and Saudi Arabia
  • Shipment of 6 (six) GE power plants from Houston to Moscow, Russia
  • Long term contract to move 500 city buses from Shanghai to Douala in conjunction with the Cameroon government


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